Security Systems

Development, sale and installation of sophisticated security systems for businesses and private homes

Mivtzar is an integrations firm that specializes in designing and consolidating strategies for security systems with a wide variety of solutions. The company deals with design, consultation, and implementation of smart security systems, adapted to the client’s security needs, and is the winning solution that combines advanced security technologies with smart command center services. The company specializes in defense systems, security, control, and surveillance and integrates the one-of-a-kind Spidernet system’s analytics capabilities so that you can be safe. The systems are installed by technicians employed by the company, which ensures a high level of service.

Among our security solutions, you will find: wired and wireless alarm/alert systems, surveillance systems, and digital recording. Technological security systems for vaults. Systems for smoke screening and fire detection and extinguishing. Entry command and control systems. Panic buttons. Alert and safety sensors. An advanced technological command center that includes all the information on a single central interface gives us command and control over all the systems using secured and monitored communications channels

The world around us is full of dangers and threats. The fact that we are aware of these threats may cause fear, but if we are smart enough to defend ourselves, we reduce the risks and can avoid damage and injury and even save lives. By installing the appropriate security systems, we can protect all that is dear to us. Thus we may protect our property, our business, our family. Thus we may protect ourselves from break-ins or theft, and from a long list of other threats.

Break-in Alerts

The security system with which we would like start our review this time actually includes an extremely wide variety of alarm systems. Among them, one may choose to install systems that operate on wired technology and also wireless technology. One may install an independent alarm that operates on batteries or install an alarm connected to the electric grid (with the option of a battery backup). Aside from home systems, there are also systems for businesses and institutions, and the system may be connected to a patrol center or other integrated solutions. This system will provide alerts for cases of break-in or unauthorized penetration, based on sophisticated sensors.

Camera-Based Security

Aside from an alarm that produces an audio alert, modern security systems enable recording and tracking of any site to be secured and protected. We refer to security cameras, of course, and there is an enormous variety of types and enhancements. Aside from very basic cameras for small, private customers, there are also expensive, high-quality cameras for businesses, banks, logistics centers, and defense facilities. A camera in the right spot can easily locate a break-in, and surveillance center services may also be integrated with the installation of closed-circuit cameras. If needed, one may install hidden cameras, outdoor cameras, or close-up cameras.

Fire Protection Solutions

We are certain that you are well aware that an out-of-control fire is a danger. In the home or outside it, in the store or the warehouse, in the factory or any place – it is important to take steps to reduce the risk of fire and smoke. Even with the most efficient firefighting services, one must not abstain from preliminary action. Installing security systems for detection, location, and extinguishing can prevent a tragedy measured in loss of life, damage to property, or both.

What kinds of solutions are available for fire protection? Aside from fire extinguishers or sprinklers, there are also modern tools that can locate the presence of smoke or fire at the earliest stages. Fire or smoke detection systems can achieve a dual goal. First, when the fire alarm is sounded by sirens or dedicated warning lights, people may be evacuated from the area. Be it a house, business, mall, hotel – it doesn’t matter where, detection and evacuation are crucial. Second, activation of a smoke and fire detection system allows one to take control of the fire when the damage is still limited. An emergency squad or firefighters can easily take control over a fire that has not yet spread. On the other hand, a large fire and heavy smoke may cause indescribable damage.

Notifications and Deployment

Among the activities of security firms, there are additional systems dedicated to improving safety and security. The appropriate systems can also aid in the activities of volunteer forces such as emergency squads in border communities. Using PA systems, for example, orders may be provided to personnel or customers to evacuate a dangerous area (after detecting smoke or fire, for example), or guards in the area may be deployed.

Preventing Unauthorized Entry

Security systems may include low-tech components such as grating, but advanced technology has brought with it smart and very sophisticated solutions. An example of a smart system that can significantly improve security in sensitive areas, in factories, institutions, and even homes, is entry control devices. What is the significance of entry control? The significant is easy identification of someone who wants to enter, to pass through the gate or doorway. The system can identify when this is an authorized person and when it is an unauthorized person.

These controls can carry out this important task in a variety of sophisticated ways. One way is installing a proximity-based system that can scan means of identification distributed to employees (such as a magnetic stripe or a card with a smart chip). There are also means of biometric identification, or in other words, systems that can scan the fingerprints of authorized individuals. Only someone who places his finger and is identified by the system as recognized will be able to enter without difficulty.