Level A Technological Command Center

A national command and control center that integrates software, control, monitoring and security systems.

With the approval of the Israel Police

Performance monitoring * Remote system activation, * Operation and fault analysis * Receipt of indications * Real-time alerts * Team activation

The Mivtzar headquarters serves as a national command and control center that includes systems of software, command, control, and defense. The center can track performance, activate systems remotely, analyze and handle errors, and receive many types of indicators using specialized software that enables maximal command and control in areas in the field.

Communications channels secured and monitored 24/7.

An operations center classed as level A according to the  Police standards.

Activation of local patrol vehicles for a quick and efficient response.

Want to know that your business will be protected 24/7 by technology among the most advanced in the world? Want to sleep peacefully knowing that all that you hold dear is secured in the best way possible, by a company that knows security and operates a level A command center by Israel Police standards? Mivtzar is exactly what you need.

A Command Center That’s Available to You 24/7, 365 Days a Year

How do you know you’re choosing a security company with a command center that will be by your side in the moment of truth? How do you know that this is about more than just a monitoring center, which may well be outfitted with modern technological equipment like security cameras or alarm systems, but could fail just when you need it? A command center certainly needs to invest in superb manpower and advanced means of control and monitoring, but it must also be adept from its very base. And what is the base of command-center-based security services? The base – not in the sense of the control center (which is itself important) – is simply availability.

Don’t hesitate to look into every security service that might be right for you, and see how it fairs in this all-important metric. Hear a suspicious noise outside your window? Stayed behind in the shop or factory and someone tried to break in? A center that answers immediately is one that you can trust all the way down the line. It’s the center that will respond quickly to alarms and sensors connected to the control center. It’s the center that will stand by your side any time you need it, any day, any time.

You’ve checked and found that there’s a command center near you that’s available by phone and even operates an advanced control room, the best of the best. Does that mean you can rest easy? There’s another thing that can’t be left out. At the end of the day, when a real incident occurs – be it a break-in to a home or business, an alarm or warning or any sign of an issue – it’s dealt with by a real person in the field.

Even if a security camera is filming, recording, and tracking, it’s not enough that a pair of eyes is watching everything from afar. At the right moment, we need the person or people in the field. We need the trained patrolmen to arrive quickly on scene in their vehicles. A proper command center must include patrol services. And that doesn’t mean a patrol that only arrives when an alarm goes off or when something suspicious is reported. It means an active service that initiates its own patrols and demonstrates its presence.

How does a center that knows to demonstrate, rather than spare, its presence contribute to your security? Especially in sensitive areas, there’s no doubt that hostile or criminal elements make observations and gather data. When a foreign entity discovers than an area, home, business, or neighborhood are protected, it thinks twice before striking. Patrols, then, constitute a most important deterrence . They create a strong sense of security and, even more importantly, they create a sense of security that has a clear basis in reality.

Patrolmen, Security Representatives, and Shift Managers – the Mivtzar Command Center

In the middle of night, the odds of a security incident occurring, particularly a criminal one, rise significantly. Burglary, theft, and all the most heinous of crimes happen in the dark. Because of this, an operations center must be ready and waiting, alert and active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patrolmen, guards, receptionists, shift managers – everything must be active day and night. Need round-the-clock security? Any first-class command center must be available at all times, watching and waiting for activity.

Peripheral Security for Homes and Businesses

A command center is designed to provide full service to various clients. Houses, apartments, factories, storehouses, construction sites, and any place which may be a target for unwanted actors. Aside from vehicular patrols, and aside from a command center staffed with skilled employees (mostly with military experience as command center operators), a command center provides a secured perimeter. This perimeter is based on the best technologies available today.

What are these technologies? For example, security cameras. This type of camera may be exposed or hidden. This type of camera may be appropriate for indoor recording, while some models are appropriate for outdoor recording. Some cameras are particularly durable, and some can move by remote control, with the option of close-up photography and even enhanced night vision.

In addition to cameras which mostly serve businesses, there are also alarm systems. These systems will typically be placed after a precise study of the client’s site. An integrated system can include motion detectors. There are systems that can be installed on doors and windows as well as on balconies and roofs. Another type of tool is designed to alert when it identifies the presence of smoke, fire, or extreme temperatures. In such a case, a siren will sound and firefighters and the nearest patrol will be called to the scene.

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